This past weekend was great.  I had a really nice (if a little scary) time at the Crossfit competition.  I was feeling a little shy about the whole thing since I haven’t been power lifting for very long, but once I was there I had a good time.  I also feel like I did a nice job with my lifts, and it was very important to me to lift as well as I could.  Mission accomplished.

photo 3

I was in the third heat, which gave me plenty of time to fret over my starting weight.  We were given three attempts in a five minute period to hit our maximum weight.  I was real happy to have gotten a new PR with front squat, shoulder press and power clean.

The mystery event was a wod consisting of AMRAP (as many rounds as possible – in the time provided) burpee jump overs, a 400 metre run and 95 lb deadlift.  That’s a bodyweight deadlift in my case, so I felt intimidated.
It’s okay, I was wearing the shirt I sewed all of the heart and poodle patches onto.  I knew it would carry me through.

I was right.

photo 1

My shirt and I both felt very happy with our performance and our lifts.


I went to the spa.  I fell asleep and woke up feeling

a) gloriously refreshed

b) beautiful

c) insanely hungry.


I ate an entire chicken.  Again.

I really have to  learn not to let myself get that hungry.

*                    *                    *


Anyway, after my siesta and chicken I was totally ready to go.  It was still early in the day and I was a little curious exactly how much I could deadlift.  If I was able to lift my bodyweight 40 times in the wod, surely I could beat that.

I went to the gym with the intent of lifting, but I was thrilled to learn that I had the whole place to myself for nearly an hour.  I hit the treadmill and worked on some drills, keeping in mind that I have that last half marathon this upcoming Saturday.  No matter how much I dislike cardio and running while I am doing it, after it’s done I always feel so good.  My mood is better, my body feels totally in tune and I just feel like I’m winning at the game of life.  Because basically, if you are still getting out there and moving around, well – you are winning at the game of life.

photo 2

Then I deadlifted 112lb for 5 sets of 3 reps each.  My bodyweight is around 95 lb so I was thrilled with a 112 deadlift.

*                    *                    *

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

On Sundays, we save the princess.

I also hit up the spa for a spray tan and dyed one of my dreadlocks electric blue, to spice things up a little bit.

Since I was feeling so spicy, I added some pumpkin to my regular Sunday spinach smoothies.  I thought it would be extra good for me, and since I felt very pretty all day Sunday and yesterday – I will give the pumpkin credit for that and try to remember to add it to my smoothies in the future.

It didn’t taste very good though.

*                    *                    *

photo 4

Yesterday I overslept and woke up to find that I had a sore back and neck.  My wild guess is from the deadlifts.   I skipped crossfit and worked on keeping a steady pace during a long run.  Afterwards I lifted for a teeny bit and got a new PR with back squats.  I hadn’t actually done back squats in a while – and I’ve noticed that when I take a break from a particular lift and then revisit it a few days later, I can usually beat my old PR.  That always feels really good.



I would really like to keep that 7:45 pace for the half this weekend.  My goal is to not break pace the entire time.  Unless I have to tie my sneaker or something.  There will be no apricots or blazing hot sun, so I’ve got that going for me.


Okay it’s time to eat and go knock cardio out.  This whole day is slammed with really good stuff from top to bottom so I want to clear my run out of the way before I can think of a whole bunch of reasons not to.

Oh and?  My birthday is on Thursday.  I am eating nothing but sushi all day long.  Sushi for breakfast, sushi for lunch and sushi for dinner.  Sushi for every snack in between and possibly if I can figure out a way to convert sushi into hydration, I will have it instead of water.

photo 12

Thursday and Friday were easy peasey training days.  I took a more chill approach to working out for the past two days so that I’d be fresh for the Crossfit games this morning.

photo 7

On each of the past two days, I had a slow easy run.  On only one of those days did I take an awkward sweaty photo at the gym.

Yesterday I was totally thrilled to come home to a package from Amazon.  My 28 day mascara and eyebrow tinting kits had arrived!  I wasn’t totally out of either one just yet – but there is nothing worse than needing to lift your day with spiffier brows or lashes only to find that you are all out of developer.  I typically use Roux for my eyebrows, but since I’d been so pleased with Godefroy’s eyelash tints, I figured I’d try them for brows as well.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

I think that maybe my left brow can use a little help.


I spent the rest of the day at the spa on Friday after totally destroying the lunch buffet at Sunshine.

I was very hungry, and then? Very lazy.

A ginormous lunch and a delicious spa day made it all so much better.  I *also* have some new collagen masks from the spa that I am dying to try out – and I’ll let you know how those work… and for how long the effects last.  That is very important, I think.


photo 11

The best news of all from yesterday?  My Dolce Vita boots arrived from Abercrombie and I am *thrilled* that they are not only true to size, but are easy to get on and off – and totally comfortable.

I think they will go just fine with my gym clothes this morning for the games.


Which I am going to be late for.


Enjoy your Saturday, take care of yourself and don’t overdose on spinach smoothies tomorrow trying to bring your skin back to equilibrium after a week of sweating and training.  Oh wait, that’s me.  I do that.  You, I assume, are much more logical in these matters.

No matter, enjoy your weekend and stay cute.



I love this video of Jes Liao.  Clean and Jerk 71kg at 48kg bodyweight.

She is so cute and strong.  Good combo.

*               *               *

Okay.  Less Jes, more me.

photo 1

This week has been a really decent training week.  I’m glad I made it all the way to Thursday before realising that I have an event, competition or race every single weekend for the next few weeks – then a weekend off early in October – and then back to weekly events.

I’m not sure how that escaped my attention.

I think I’m extra glad now that I’ve been training so diligently.  You never know when you are going to have amnesia and forget that you have back to back events for the next two months.

Superior planning, as always.

Anyway, at least the training is mostly spot on – I’ll have to focus on some key  movements and muscle groups to be more prepared for a few of the events, but otherwise I ought to be in good shape to play.

Monday I had decent cardio – I didn’t run like crazy, but I kept a steady pace.  I was also wearing one of my favorite freebee race t-shirts, so I couldn’t not take a photograph of it – in the gym bathroom, no less.  Because I *know* classy.


I went right to crossfit and was thrilled (no really) to learn that our  movement of the month is overhead squat.  I’ve already outlined (in long and boring detail) for you, my morning exercise routine for this month – it’s very squat intensive because it is my life’s mission to have a butt so grand that it can take over a small country.

Overhead squats fit into this plan nicely.

The wod was sweet too:

photo 4

We did my other favorite lift ever at crossfit that day – Clean and Jerk – I just can’t think of anything funner, except for when you throw a squat in with it.


photo 3 Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Guess what?  After that my hair was  messed up and I was tired and feeling icky.  I put on one of my favorite A&F tees (because unflattering though it might be, it matches my eyes and that always makes me super happy) and went right to the spa.

Planet Beach made everything right with my world.  Again.

*               *               *

Clearly Tuesday was a day of awkward photography.

photo 7 photo 2

Tuesday marked the last day ever that I will allow myself to check the wod before going to crossfit.
I spent four hours fearing and dreading burpee box jumps – which are exactly what they sound like.

I should have maybe spent more time fearing and dreading the side planks – which always sound harmless until I am doing them.  Then I immediately check to see if I have super awesome abs.


*               *               *

Yesterday I woke up late.  Late!  And I was not sorry.  In fact, I think it’s going to be a new trend with me – this sleeping in thing.  As long as I can get cardio over with before the 11:30 crossfit, I am still winning.  I will not ever attempt cardio again after crossfit, and wild horses couldn’t drag me to an evening lifting class.  No way. Evenings are for books, wine, Super Mario Bros, and beauty treatments.  There is no room in there for sweating or lifting.

I had a good run at the gym despite the fact that I left my chapstick at home and felt like I was dying.

photo 7

I literally called someone from the treadmill and bribed them to bring me chapstick.

That is a true story.


Now my shoulders are killing me today from the wall walks yesterday.

When I saw ‘wall walks’ I was just really happy that it didn’t say ‘wall balls’ because I am *always* the person who puts their hands down and lets the medicine ball slam into her face.  Always.

After 3 or 4 minutes of wall walks I was wishing for wall balls.  After 20 minutes of wall walks I was wishing for a stretcher and some paramedics to carry me out to my car.

I went home, dyed my eyelashes  (later on I will tell you how to do this without going blind) and went straight to Planet Beach where I promptly fell asleep and woke up beautiful.  Also I got a spray tan so I feel extra awesome now that it’s developed.

*               *               *

So guess what?

Today after my long run, I’m going to train legs.
That means I will more likely than not try to show you awkward thigh photos later on.

Then?  I’m going to Ulta.  Then?  I’m going to Planet Beach.


I have a bottle of wine and some smoked trout with my name on it.  I’ve just gotten Haruki Marakami’s Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and his Years of Pilgrimage and I am going to settle my superawesome quads into my bed and read.  I might even eat the trout in bed.

I’m not sure if that is gross.

photo 8

Enjoy your day and stay cute and strong.

This has been a deliciously lazy day.

Friday and Saturday were totally not deliciously lazy days, but they were pretty delicious in their own right.

First and foremost I was in a great mood on Friday because  my hair looked good.  I’ve been using these weird curler things in my dreads at night time (oh, don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll tell you all about them when we have more time) and most mornings this pays off in spades.  If my hair is looking nice then I tend to feel like I am winning at the game of life.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset


I took my good hair to the gym and had a serious calorie burn in under an hour.  51 minutes and 603 calories is no joke – I’m sold on this blueberry theory.  Trust.  We’ve now proven it with science:  Blueberries are magical and you will have hardcore cardio results.  You cannot argue with science.



photo 4

Friday was extra awesome because my rightnow favorite coach led us through a brutal, yet rewarding workout.

I always think side planks are for wimps… until I am doing them.  Then I think they are for beasts.  Beasts with solid tight cores.

photo 5


Two more awesome things from Friday:  I signed up for our local crossfit games – scheduled for this upcoming Saturday *and* I felt so great that I smarted up some seriously worn out workout clothing with silly patches.  I think the shorts and tanks look extra cuter now.

If you are ever feeling blah, I highly recommend an emergency trip to Planet Beach and then sewing poodle patches on your shorts.  You will feel so much nicer after that.  Signing up for local crossfit games doesn’t hurt either.

photo 2photo 1


Saturday was so great.  I mean really great.

One, I was wearing another one of my “upcycled” gym tank tops with poodles and hearts on it, and I ordered these so super cute boots from Abercrombie and Fitch.  I am dying for them to get here and I so hope they are true to size.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset photo 3

photo 1

I foolishly went to crossfit and lifted *before* cardio on Saturday.  No magical blueberries could rescue me.  I was exhausted and my muscles wanted to know exactly what I was doing running after lifting and crossfit.  My muscles really wanted to know why they weren’t relaxing in bed or at the spa.  I was wondering the same thing.

Lesson re-learned: cardio first before either my brain or my body catches on to what I’m up to.

The very Very best thing on Saturday?

I had woken up to a parcel from heaven on my doorstep.  I made myself wait all day long to open it.

At nighttime I ripped it open and found the most exciting Planet Beach products!  I was thrilled to find that I had not tried a couple of them, so I’ll test them out and let you know what I think.  I can tell you now that if they are anything like everything else I’ve tried from Planet Beach, then they will be superior in every way.

photo 2


Yes, I abandoned the yoga project.
I just can’t jive with the poses.  Maybe in the future I’ll give it another try, but not at this time.
I’m definitely more of a meditating girl.


I’m going to get on with my deliciously lazy day, because tomorrow it’s a brand new week and I want to be all fresh and ready for it.

How about you?  Has your weekend been delicious?  Do you work out on the weekends?  Are you training for anything in particular?


photo 2

Would you even look at that glorious burn?  That’s 56 minutes of cardio.  I am really small, so my caloric burn is generally pretty low.  I’ll look at all of the astronomically high calorie burn estimations for various exercises and think wistfully, “riiiiiight”. In my experience, whatever the readout on the cardio machine I am using, my actual caloric burn is generally less than half of that number.

Since I wore the Basis B1 band for so long I also found that this was true for many other types of activities.  If a magazine posts calorie burn rates for an exercise, it’s generally not accurate for me personally.

So.  When I saw what was going down with my cardio on Tuesday morning I just *knew* it was the blueberries.

I’d absently ate a bowl of blueberries with my breakfast.  They were sitting there on the counter while I was on the phone.  You know how it goes.  You are all caught up in conversation and the next thing you know, there are no berries left.

.                    .                    .

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset



The spa had been closed Monday on account of the holiday, so I could not even get there fast enough on Tuesday.

I swear by the red light bed.

There are so many products that promise to make us look younger and more glorious, but most of it is packaging, marketing and nonsense (but we buy it anyway… just in case).  I am not kidding (and they don’t pay me, I swear!  I have zero affiliation with Planet Beach) when I say that I have gotten results from using the red light bed.  There is no doubt that my skin (all over my entire body, not just my face and neck) has gotten firmer, stretch marks have all but vanished, and sunspots are visibly lighter.

Also?  I swear it makes me happier.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Unrelated: I dyed one of my dreadlocks purple and wanted to show it off, so there it is.

.                    .                    .

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

I will not lie to you, I am not sure I enjoy yoga.  I enjoy the idea of yoga.  I like meditating and focusing on  my breath.  I like stretching.  I don’t know what it is about combining all of those things and having “poses” that I am not enjoying – I’m going to give it a little bit more time.

.                    .                    .

On Wednesday I tested out the blueberry theory again.

I was not impressed so maybe I was just really on top of my game Tuesday morning.

I had a hard time at crossfit after cardio and the wod wasn’t too challenging – so in retrospect, I wonder if my run and crossfit both suffered because I was maybe a *teeny* bit hungover.  Maybe the blueberries were busy fighting the hangover free radicals or whatever, and were thus unable to lend themselves to superstar cardio performance.

I bet that’s it.

photo 5 photo 6


Yes, the sweating picture bothers me too.

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset


.                    .                    .

photo 9

Yesterday I felt compelled to post another picture of myself sweating after cardio on Instagram.

This is actually disgusting and I don’t think I will do it again.


Then the craziest thing happened.  Well, first of all, is that not the funnest looking wod you have ever seen?  It was really great.

The other great thing is that I beat my front squat PR by 20 lbs.

That’s really a lot for  me.  It was the first time I’d squatted 75% of my body weight for that many rounds.

.                    .                    .

photo 8

I love it too.

It’s available here.

Have a great Friday.  Go forth and squat.


Processed with VSCOcam with g3 presetFirst things first: I’m in love with this shirt.

I may never take it off.  Only time will tell.

It’s available here.

.                                    .                                   .

I am thrilled that it is September.  September is my favorite month and everything is all fresh and brand new.  A new month means all new goals and that is incredibly exciting to me.  On top of that, September seems much more like the “new year” to me than January – so exciting!

This month I’ve switched up my morning “wake up” exercises.  My 5 a.m. gettheheckoutofbed routine now consists of doing the following before my brain can object:

200 jumping jacks

20 goblet squats

20 wide leg dumbbell squats

100 regular unweighted squats

5 sets, 3 reps/set Romanian Deadlift

20 bridges

60 glute kickbacks

I know, I see the trend here too.  September is totally about my butt  (My September is about my butt.  I won’t assume that you feel the same way about my butt.  That would be strange).

Other September health and fitness goals (most of which aren’t new, but I need to work on doing with greater consistency):

daily meditation

daily yoga (#yogakitten)

.                                    .                                   .

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Sunday was, once again Unicorn Spinach Smoothie Day.  My skin looked really nice Monday morning after all of that spinach, so I always consider it worth the effort.

After choking down ten cups of spinach, I did one of my favorite things:

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Mystic FTW!

I feel compelled to tell you that my YMCA card is no longer valid.  It just lives on my keychain because it’s a huge hassle to get those little cards on and off.

Since yesterday was a holiday, there were no crossfit classes so I lifted at home.

photo 5

Okay I lifted a tiny bit at the gym too, but it was really crowded yesterday so I blew out pretty early after cardio.


photo 4

The box was technically having ‘open gym’ time so I popped in for a quick row.  I love rowing.  I love it.  If I hadn’t been wearing flip flops I could have rowed for ages and been totally content.  As it was, dollar store flip flops that have been through the dishwasher a thousand times prevented me from rowing more than 2000 metres.


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Totally got out my yoga mat and stretched a little bit.  I used this time to concentrate on my breathing and settling into poses.  I have not been very good about stretching this past summer so daily yoga will be great for that.


Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

I am seriously so in love with this shirt.  It is honestly my rightnow favorite shirt.


How about you?  I’d love to hear your September health and fitness goals.  Do you do yoga?  Have you experienced any benefits to doing this daily?





A total of 50 overhead squats on Thursday pretty much guaranteed that I would not be able to sit down by myself later on.After an hour of cardio that morning (okay, 57 minutes.  so close), I was feeling strangely energetic.  I went to an early crossfit class where my glutes learned the true meaning of sore.Actually, The Sore was not a reality until Friday morning.I felt sorry for myself and immediately did the dumbest thing I could do.This:plumYes, I am going to stop that now.On Friday, there is a *slight* chance that I hit my max weight a little too soon in the rep scheme.  There is also a *slight* chance that my deltoids were sore by late afternoon.I don’t know what I was thinking, really.  thursI sat and had a 2 hour lunch/breakfast type meal with a friend and nearly fell asleep in the hot sun.It was definitely time to go to the spa. So I did.  I fell asleep and woke up feeling awesome.  Score one for Planet Beach.photoAfter my napthing, I was feeling strangely efficient and cleaned out my car.  This doesn’t sound like a big deal, but I spend a lot of time in my car and it was pretty grody.  I traveled a lot this summer and sadly my travel time to cleaning ratio was desperately out of whack.  Actually it was so bad that I spend over an hour cleaning it and I still need something to get the spray tan stains off of the leather.The joke was on me yesterday morning.  Since it was Saturday and I really had pushed myself during the week, I decided I’d run slow and steady and just take it easy.fricardioSo I did.emptyIt’s actually a little eerie when I am running in a totally empty gym.  I am way too neurotic to not check to see if the killer clown is behind me every two seconds.So the thing is, while I can control slow and steady while I am running by myself, I can’t control the WOD.  This was my first experience with “Frelen” – a combination between Fran and Helen.Processed with VSCOcam with m3 presetThere is no way in the world I would have chosen a challenging workout like that to finish up my week with, and that is what made it so incredibly great.It was crazily satisfying to wrap up a week of training with an intense WOD..               .               .There are few things I find more exciting than new beginnings.  September is basically *here*.  I love September so much because for me it’s the start of a new year.  Every year, when fall is rolling around, everything feels so fresh and brand new to me.  I am getting really stoked over my goals for September.  Every month I like to set new goals regarding all areas of my life and that includes health, beauty and fitness.  This month upcoming I’m really excited about a daily yoga practice (#yogakitten!), trying some different tactics with meditation, totally building a better butt (a bubble butt is not enough.  my butt must be able to take over the world, or at least a small country), and totally revamping my morning jumpstart exercises.